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Brother Phenomenal Foundation supports the work of the sixth district of the African Methodist Church and the Morris Brown College. Dr. Hackley's alma mater and he continutes to support the work and owrht of the school as they advance. Recently the school was approved for Accreditation review. Our prayers are that we can contribute to the value of the vision. It is a great place for you to consider completing your degree.  

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A beacon of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; one of the great victories of the last four years of Morris Brown College is that it has regained it's candidacy for accreditation and ability to receive financial aid again after 20 years of recovery. This isa milestone that will benefit many generations to come. It was once one the #1 schools in the nation. It produced the first black player in the Superbowl and so many other great voices, minds. Notably, Dr. Correta Scot t King was once a music teacher there. 

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The Office of W.E.B. DuBouis

To the Right is a picture of Fountain Hall (formerly Stone Hall). This is a historic central location for African American History. Many Lunairies and leaders worked in this building including the father of Liberation Theology, W.E.B. DuBois wrote the paramount text,  "The Souls of Black Folks." Through the work fo Dr. Candy Tate and ASALAH, the building is in a restoration project. 

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