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The Hackley's: First Family of Freedom

"Home is where our story begins." We spell family with a "Ph" to remind us that our families our a phenomenal God given resource. Whether by force or by faith, 400 years ago your family name was carried by an ancestor who foresaw a time that someone else would carry the family name. It speaks to the reality that our families are vast, even bigger than what we realize in our immediate experience. Many don't know just how phenomenal our families are. Sometimes research and historical data on what people with our name did before we got here can be encouraging. Nevertheless we face challenges. The reason why opposition comes to our identity is to keep us distracted from the benefits of being family.  Some say It’s rare that a modern Black family still works together to make each other's dreams a reality, but we do it every day. Click on the links to each of Danielle and the Kofa Girls to see what's new in their world. Trust! You will be surprised.


Dr. Jeremiah C. Hackley

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Dr. Jeremiah C. Hackley, creator of the Love and Grow Rich System and the Phenom 365 Lifestyle Shift has helped founders and multi-million dollar institutions relaunch and thrive virtually, despite the pandemic. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs achieve their life goals. Affectionately known as Brother Phenomenal on social media, he is a full time CEO, scholar, expert course creator, technologist, husband, and father to Zoe, Eden, Alana, Jadyn, and Jared. 


The 5th great-grandson of escaped slave and founder of the Anti-Slavery Baptist Association, Rev. John William Hackley, Jeremiah is the founder of Phenomenal Ones Professional Association, the Brother Phenomenal Foundation; JCH Ministries and Enterprises, The National Black Church African Spiritual History Museum, and a consultant to many HBCUs , educators, and institutional business leaders. 


As a lifelong learner Dr. Hackley is adding to degrees in Education, Divinity, Music, and technology. He is currently assistant to the Dean at the Morehouse School of Religion, President of the Student Christian League at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, and the author of “The Letter: Hackley’s Exhaustive Commentary on the Willie Lynch Letter”, “Love and Grow Media”,  “Perfect for Me”, “Interpersonal Priesthood” and many other titles.


Dr. Hackley is a justice advisor and public theologian in liberation theology and Africentric education, and is a member of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. 


He has coined such phrases as, “Love and riches are natural resources and we have a phenomenal relationship with them”,  “You are too phenomenal to stay nominal”, “Money is in my mind.” and “When God sees you, God see’s God’s self!”

C. Danielle Hackley

C. Danielle Hackley is the wife of Dr. Hackley. She serves as an executive board member of the Brother Phenomenal Foundation,Inc. and JCH Ministries. She is an author and the Senior Editor of Kingdom Culture International Publishing House. She has worked diligently with Dr. Hackley for over 12 years. She is the co-owner of The Romance Room and the Pure Romance Club, two online resources that help married couples keep the fire in their relationships. 

The Kofa Girls