Making the Most of our Moonlights Together

As 2018 power couples, and even power singles, we live so hard to be successful in the day that we miss the power of the successful night. While the daylight is full of social and economic goals, the night often gets left to chance. The happiest relationships and single people in the world are happy because, behind closed doors, outside the sight of the public eye, their private lives are flourishing with love and peace. The three scientific purposes of the moon are that it stabilizes the rotation of the earth, it puts a demand on the life in which we've planted, and it causes the waters of the earth (even our bodies) to stay in proper flow. The scientific purposes of the earth give shape to the mystical metaphor that affect the minds and emotions of our relationships with our mates. The science of the moon gives definition to the poetic influence of the moon on our relationships.

Jeremiah C. Hackley The Grab Him Book
"Love is an experience of shared divinity. Both parties should grow strong in the praise and power of one another."

My central themes in writing the book Grab Him are that "Love is an experience of shared divinity," and "Both parties should grow strong in the praise and power of one another's value."

The Night Season of Your Relationships

The night is a time of stabilization for you; make time and space to settle and balance everything at night. The best times to have the most intimate conversations about your past, present, or future are in the still of the night.

Pulling on What You've Planted

The night time of your relationship is also the time to magnetize the mental and emotional seed of romance that you have invested into your partner during the day. The night is the best time to give them praise for their accomplishments. The night is the best time to give them peace for their frustrations. The night is the best time to give them encouragement for their dreams and visions in life. Don't waste your entire night on social media or watching TV when you have an entire human sitting or lying next to you. If you want a real connection, be more magnetic than the hustle and bustle of the last hottest post. Be their presence of unwinding by doing and saying the things that no machine can do or say.

Don't Get Lost in Distraction

So many couples suffer because they are great at being represent with each other during the day season but they abandon the bond during the night season. All types of excuses and distractions will arise to rob you and your mate of the most sacred connection that may only happen during the night season. Your work from here on out is to create a way to make a change that makes the night season better.

The Waters of Health and Sexuality

Lastly, the proper flow of water is another great key to moonlight. The tide comes in by evening. Our bodies are over 70% water. Two major things come to my mind when I think of water. I think of Health and I think of Romance and Sexuality. We eat at night, which I hope your foods are full of water. We also have sex at night which is also the closest exchange of water that two people can experience. Take time to really invest in a better diet. Let your food be your medicine. Be proactive and honest with your partner about your desire for them live their best and longest life with you. Examine the ingredients of what you are consuming. Eat to live. Work out together. Refresh and revive your bodies together through couples bathing and couples massage. Do the things that keep the waters of health and sexuality strong. For more empowerment in the relationship realm of your life, click here to get the Grab Him Book.

Jeremiah C. Hackley

Brother Phenomenal

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