The Modern Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

My teacher asked me to respond to some information he shared on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. This was my response:

The Transatlantic Slave Trade was the greatest downfall in all times and spaces of human existence. There has been no greater atrocity worked on any people in any generation. In many instances, it's effects can still be felt and experienced today. "Black bodies" are still hanging from the trees of policy and industry. White supremacy is still the subtle beast that wants to revise all history in its own image. Cognitive dissonance seems to run ramped in the descendants of the 388,000 that made it to this continent.  The triangle of influence over the Atlantic still runs the world, through the subjugation and rape of sacred authenticity of the culture.

While I could go on and talk about the past and rehearse the information laid out in the footage; I can only think that a Black Man and A Black Woman still can't sit in their house without a slave-catching, policy enforcer shooting them down like a savage beast. Then the transatlantic courtroom ensures that policy falls to favor the oppressor. Therein, the agenda in accomplished as legalized murder. From the north African Messiah to the brother on the corner, these unarmed black men are subject to crucifixion. The affixation of the media makes sure that we have nothing else to think about.

We are a people programmed for psychological injury and pain.  Today I am just full of that spirit of the ancestors who probably are in an uproar about our blatant acceptance of injustice, wondering when we will get up from here, We have one life each and we should reverse the effects of this trade, and stop selling our souls for popularity in this modern transatlantic slave trade. We need to take back the business of textiles, arms, crops, and our lives. 

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