DON'T BE HOLIDAY SLAVES: What should a Black man & his Family be doing on American Holidays?

Most corporations meet their bottom lines from the retail presence of our communities during various holidays. We in the African American community own businesses, run foundations, and are raising another generation in our image. We need to better understand that we need to really get on the right side of the holiday traffic. During the holidays, we should be counting the registers, not spending at them. Are you a holiday slave? If you look back on all of the things that you ate and purchased during the past holidays, could you call it an investment? Can you love on your family and friends without spending non-cosmic currency? Is what's valuable in your life on the inside of you or attached to you? Did you spend time with someone in your inner-circle or community? These are all questions one must ask themselves while deprogramming from the economic rape of holiday spending in our community.

I originally did this video for festivities surrounding the 4th of July which is big in the United States. I realized that the content also applies to all the holidays that are celebrated in America. The bulk of the dollar that leaves our community does so on holidays. Unfortunately, due to social programming, we have the muscle memory for the need to spend on those days. We also fund and engage in non-empowering traditions that only give additional injury to our subconscious psychological streams. We must deprogram our minds from widening the already gaping hole in our hearts and economy. Self-love is based in self-preservation. We must save ourselves from this "un-toward generation" of white supremacy and economic rape.

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