Why Another Book About Relationships and Sex?

"Love is a shared experience of divinity." Brother Phenomenal in Grab Him

The taboo nature of my newest title Grab Him and Kiss His Neck is certainly causing a stir in various communities, especially the religious community where I formally spend most of my time influencing couples young and old. While it is a very provocative title, I have often been asked questions like, “Why are you even writing about this?” or “There are much deeper subjects that you could address given the current social climate.” While the objections and reservations have been many, I have also had many more private requests for assistance with the battles that go on behind closed doors and within the deepest corridors of the heart. 

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Relationships are the ships that sink everyday, affecting all of the social streams that flow from them. Without clear, healthy, and balanced conversation about intimacy, sexual anxiety, communication development, and creative concepts to rejuvenate the meaning of love and intimacy, we might be causing even more social unrest in the world. Our private worlds are just as important, if not more important than our public worlds and we need to give clear and concise confrontation to whatever is occurring in the moonlight of our lives. 

Grab Him and Kiss His Neck is the book for women that every man needs to read. It gives great wisdom from over 20 years of relationship counseling and advice based in an evolved spirituality that covers the day to day challenges of relationships and sexuality. Click here to get it today. 

Jeremiah C. Hackley

Brother Phenomenal 

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